Who is Karl Marx?

karl marxKarl Marx is one of the most famous figures of the 18th century. He is a historian, an economist, a philosopher, a theorist, a sociologist, and a historian. If you want to talk about the pros and cons of an Amsterdam city trip, you could have asked him. If you want to know more about the proper way on how to build a website, he could have been the man who could have helped you.

Table of Contents

His early life

This man was born in May in 1818. He had his first glimpse of sunlight in Trier, Germany. He studied both philosophy and law. He was a very politically-minded individual. Because of his numerous publications about the current political arena, he was stateless and he was in exile for several years. But his mind did not become idle for all the decades that he was in exile. He used this time to establish the foundation of most of his books and publications that we now have today.

manifestoOne of his most popular publications is the one that is titled “The Communist Manifesto.” It is a political document that was created at the height of the Revolutions in 1848. It greatly influenced the political movement at that time. You can also see the struggle in capitalism and the mode of production. Today, The Communist Manifesto is registered to the Memory of the World Programme of UNESCO.

Another one of his famous works is the Das Kapital. It is the book that is used by students today to understand the foundations of material philosophy and economics. In this book, he tried to explain the mode of capitalist production that is quite different from the reasons and explanations given by classical economists like Adam Smith and Jean-Baptiste Say.


His works have long been used by other political figures both in his time and the ones following him. It has been quite a debate to interpret his works but there are a lot of tendencies rooting from his publications. You have Leninism, Trotskyism, and Maoism, just to name a few.