We are a journal that is created by the Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts. This is a separate section of the organization in the hopes to build a website that will focus on the connection and association between arts, sciences, and engineering. You can read a lot of tech blogs, article, researches, and other materials from our partners that publish related websites.

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We Are

The Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts is an organization that aims to connect arts and sciences through great materials, extensive research, and collaborative effort. Our organization is composed of scientists, physicists, painters, crafters, and other artists to work together and understand the differences and similarities between two seemingly different topics. We are a group that seeks the truth and the clear understanding of the combination and connection of the arts and sciences.

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You can read a lot of good content on the pages of this site. We build a website for those who are interested in reading articles about arts and sciences. We understand the need of our website visitors for a site that can provide them with the best and most credible content that they can read for their consumption and viewing pleasure.