About Us

We are a journal that is created by the Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts. This is a separate section of the organization in the hopes to build a website that will focus on the connection and association between arts, sciences, and engineering. You can read a lot of tech blogs, article, researches, and other materials from our partners that publish related websites.

Welcome to MOEBIUS Journal

Science is the systematized study of knowledge. It is systematic and organized. You can find different branches of science like physics, chemistry, biology, and others. You have to understand that science is understanding nature and the steps that make it to what it is today. Science is an explanation of what is and what should be. When someone wants to have a concrete reason why things happen, he always goes to science. If you can get voucher codes for every explanation that you get from science, you will be able to save money on electronics and other products. This is what science is.

Art, on the other hand, is an outward expression of a person’s skills and imaginations through various forms. He can perform art by writing about tourist spots, Amsterdam holidays, and Amsterdam city trips. He can create different artworks like the ones that can be found on the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. You can also show art by performing music and through dancing. You will hear a lot of beautiful songs and orchestra music and you find yourself admiring the melody or the lyrics of the song.

Arts can also be applied. When we say applied, it means that these are the ones that display visual and tangible products. You will see artists who can craft magnificent sculptures, amazing crochet pieces, and other forms. Visual arts may also be in the form of drawing and painting. And when we talk about drawing, it also has many facets. Artists use different tools to draw their masterpieces. Some use pencils, others use charcoals. Some use paintbrush. Others use oil pastel. No matter what tool you have, you will always have the freedom to express yourself through art.

Arts and Sciences

Arts and science are two different topics that most people do not deem to talk simultaneously. It may seem that when someone relates something about art, you will sustain the conversation by talking more about art or something that is associated with art. You have to think to find the link from art to science if you want to combine the two topics. But they are more similar and connected than one would have thought. It is through the association between arts and science that we can understand a lot of things and be able to replicate acts and behavior in a way that is relatable and sustainable.


If we go back to the meaning of science, it is a systematic and organized body of knowledge. Art is the expression of one’s self. By associating the two, you will be able to teach people about how to do art. Art is the representation of what is on the mind and body of a person. Although it comes in different shapes, sizes, and forms, you can still impart art by systematically tackling and discussing it. This is where science comes in. It aims to practically explain how art is performed and done. Through science, art can be studied even more. A person who loves art can develop his natural skills and talent through the use of science to explain art.

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